Lisa BuohlerMy full name is Lisa Louise Buohler.
I was born in Emsworth, England, in July of 1969.
I am 5ft 4in and weigh 114lbs.
I was always active growing up, either biking or running somewhere, but not competitively, until 2006.
I tried a number of different sports growing up, from hockey, to judo to horse riding.
I have lived in Sweden and Germany for a short time, but after settling in Southwest Florida in the United States in 1991, this is where I feel at home.
I am married to a German, and have two children, a boy and a girl.

I am a professional certified fitness trainer and Specialist in Sports Performance Nutrition. I am a certified coach with the RRCA and with USATF. I just recently was certified in exercise therapy with the international sports sciences association.
I believe in practicing what I preach, and that nutrition is a key to performance, along with smart training and recovery.
People often ask what made me start running, Well, before I started running competitively I had been strength training three days a week for two years with a trainer, strengthening and toning the whole body. I had decided to lean up a little more and do something a little challenging by running in a race.
My first competitive race was a 4 mile road race, where I placed first in my age group with a time of 30.27, not a great time, but it was an achievement at the time, this was the beginning, I enjoyed the competition and challenges of training, trying to push myself a little more each time with determination to improve. So, I raced again, and again, and again, from 5K’s to half marathons. Then came the multisport, Duathlons. Wow! this is fun, I thought. The determination to get to the bike from the run, then the determination again to get off the bike and run again. I never thought i would push my body to the point of a marathon, but i decided i could not expect to coach other runners without the experience. So I decided to run my first marathon in October 2010, the Athens Classic 2500th anniversary in Greece, not knowing what to expect, I qualified for Boston.
I have been placing either Overall female or Female Master consecutively in most races, running and duathlon. Currently top ranked in my division in the U.S.A
Four time World qualifier for team USA in Duathlon and World class
silver medal holder.

My personal bests so far are as follows:
5K time: 17.27
4 mile: 24.46
8K time: 30.30
10K time: 38.52
12K time 47.47
15K time 59.25
Half Marathon time: 1.25.29
Sprint Duathlon: 49.22
(1m run 10m bike 3.1m run)
Marathon: NYC ;3.10.06

Recently I have had the pleasure to meet and run with some very talented runners, such as Olympian marathoner Gabriela Trana, Zola Budd,, Joan Benoit Samuelson, Frank Shorter, Ryan Hall, Terri Rejimbal, and the gifted Christa Benton, and was able to meet pioneer marathon women Kathrin Switzer, the wonderful lady that officially broke the gender barrier at the Boston marathon and our one and only Meb.
I was fortunate to have the pleasure of Bill Rodgers company at a luncheon in Sarasota, and meet with him again for a great charity run, then run with him in the Masters half marathon national championships.
I love the competition and challenge’s that I experience through competing.

Some goals fulfilled include, Masters USATF championship race, check, track race for the first time ever in the 5000m at the World Masters athletics Championships, check! As a team USA World qualifier for duathlon, I look forward to compete in the Long course World championship Powerman Duathlon race in Zofingen Switzerland, to run some more big city marathons, London, Berlin, Rome, Big Sur to name a few, to get a new PR would always nice in a half;-)

I love to travel, hike and ski, scuba dive, and I enjoy spending time with friends. I enjoy studying new foods and the power of them:-)
I enjoy to do most of my training runs alone but always cycle with others unless I’m on the trainer;-)